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​The Walney Offshore Windfarms officially inaugurated

On 9 February 2012, the so far world’s largest offshore wind farm, located in the East Irish Sea, was officially inaugurated by Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, at a ceremony in the Barrow-in-Furness Town Hall.



Welcome to Walney<p>​During the years 2010 and 2011, the Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarms Ltd. has constructed the Walney 1 and Walney 2 offshore wind farms, located approximately 15km off Walney Island, Cumbria, in the Irish Sea.</p><p><a title="Learn more about the Walney Offshore Windfarmd" href="/en/about-walney/about-the-project">​Learn more</a></p>http://authoring.dongenergy.com



Being the market leader<p>​Developing offshore wind farms since 1991, we are market leader in offshore wind power generation. Additionally, we have extensive experience in operating on- and offshore wind turbines.</p><p><a title="Learn more about being the market leader" href="/en/who-we-are">​Learn more</a></p>http://authoring.dongenergy.com